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Grumpy Monkey Designs provides amazing brand development, graphic design, printing, website solutions, and creative business solutions

When You Put Some Monkey in Your Business...

You Get Amazing

Join the troop of over 500 other businesses who have undertaken the Grumpy Monkey experience. 

We are a Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

Not feeling like your marketing materials are working for you? Maybe they just need to be freshened up or modernized a bit. Maybe you are ready to move on from the logo your nephew in art school created or maybe your a new startup looking to develop a strong and recognizable brand? Want your website to start working for you by creating new leads, sales and opportunities?

Whether you are ready for something fresh and new or starting from scratch…You ARE in the RIGHT place.

It's All Just

Monkey Business

Fun, Creative, Imaginative and yet still Focused and Disciplined. Monkey Business is about blending these elements and interweaving them into your business to turn it into a strong and recognizable brand. Like magic, only better.

Graphic Design

Your company's design is the foundation of how you are perceived by potential clients. It is vitally important. Is this where you want to cut corners? Grumpy Monkey Designs can provide your business that solid foundation.


They say...Good, Fast, or Cheap, You can only pick 2. I say...You can have it all when you go with Grumpy Monkey Designs print solutions. We can also provide your own business print hub. Check out our print portal @


Signs matter. It is probably the most relevant piece of marketing materials that get seen by the most potential people. Studies show that 50% of new customers are from signs. We offer an array of sign solutions from display signs to vehicle lettering. Not only can we can help, we can assure that our signs align with your current brand and messaging.

Website Design

Do you have one? Are you happy with it? Want to expand it or include eCommerce? The real question is...Is it working to provide you more leads, more customers and more sales?
If the answer is no, we should talk. If the answer is I am not sure, then you should take advantage of our Free website audit and phone consult.
Contact us for more details.

Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are where we shine. One great example is a music studio client wanted an "On Air" sign for outside their recording room. We designed and 3D printed a 1930's style retro sign. We internally lit it with LEDS and wired it into a wall switch. Now when recording, the "on air" light goes on and can be seen all the way down the hall. ★★★★★

Why you NEED some Monkey Business

Besides over 25 years of experience and handling every project as a unique element of your business, here are just a few of the benefits your business can gain when you start your next project with Grumpy Monkey Designs.

Design Graphic

Professional Image.
Brand Consistency/Recognition.
Build Trust.
Higher Conversions.
Boost Sales.
Effective Communication.


High Quality.
Low Quantities Available.
Lots of Paper & Finish Options.
Company Print Portals Available.
Quick Turnaround.


Increase Profits.
Brand Awareness.
Brand Recognition.
Brand Retention.
Creates Impulse Buying.
Cost Effective Advertising.

Website Design

24/7 Online Presence.
Increases Credibility and Trust.
Provides Business Information.
Decreases Operating Costs.
Opens New Markets.
Provides Consumer Insights.
Generates Leads, Sales and New Customers

Custom Solutions

Our custom solutions provide seamless integration with your existing brand and align with your overall company messaging. Truly out of the box thinking. Think Grumpy Monkey meets Guerilla Marketing.

Want Some of Your Own

Monkey Business

You know you want to. It's easy to do. The benefits make sense. Go ahead and reach out. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain.

A Little About
Grumpy Monkey Designs

Grab a refreshment and a comfy chair and I will weave you a “tail” of the Grumpy Monkey

Grump E. Monke'


Once upon a time, there was a hard working monke who toiled day in and day out at his job. 

A few of our customers

These are just a few of our over 500 unique customers we have done projects for.  We maintain a diverse group of clients and businesses that range from a single employee up to medium sized companies with thousands of employees. 

"Amazing Designs and Quality Work!"

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John Doe
CEO, Acme Inc.

Ready to put some MONKEY in Your Business?

So here you are. You made it this far so now is the time. Go ahead and take the next step and see how Grumpy Monkey Designs can transform your current creative projects into something special. I dare you, no wait, I double dog dare you!

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