Put Your Sales and Marketing on Autopilot

Leveraging the power of automation and AI. 

With ZERO effort, our automated sales and marketing platform allows you to
quickly and easily capture, nurture and close more leads or its free. 

Capture More Leads

Increase ROI

Scale Your Business

Does your Business struggle with...

  • Lead Generation

  • Not Enough BOOKED Sales Appointments

  • Bad Reviews, or worse, No Reviews

  • No Follow Up System

  • Slow or Zero Growth

  • Not Enough Time or Too Many Hats!

You don't have to struggle any more. Schedule a call to see how our automated sales and marketing system can help you quickly and easily build the business you've always dreamed of.

A business owner who is struggling to grow their business just signed up with Grumpy Monkey Designs automated Sales and Marketing Platform

Access tools, resources and the support you need to rapidly accelerate the growth of your Business

We have systemetized a 3 part approach to increase local market reach that includes our advanced CRM sales and marketing platform which includes a complete reputation management system, a lead generation machine, and a web presence growth and optimization system. Our digital marketing platform is the foundation. Automations make it go. Once setup and defined to the clients goals, the systems work seemlessly around the clock creating a fluid user experience for both our client and their customers.  

We Get It -
Growing a Business Can Be Hard.

Believe me, you're not alone!  The next level of business growth always seems like the furthest away.  

This is Your EASY Button!

The struggle to get to that next level can be very real and is something we experience as well. The daily challenge of day to dy operations of building a business while also needing to scale but not having the means to do so. 

Leverage is the key – Do more with less

Leverage allows you to build wealth, increase productivity, and grow your business.

This is why we now run our own business with our automated Sales and Marketing Platform. It provides the leverage we, and many other businesses need to get to the next level of their business growth. It doesnt matter if you are a $250K/year business, a $2M/year business or a $20M/year business. Leverage works the same.

Financial and Operating leverage: By utilising an advanced and automated CRM platform with fixed expenses, you can better leverage those expenses against revenues while increasing profits and apply it to business growth.   

Time Leverage: Many businesses get stuck here. This is the grind we all know and love as time is the scarcest resource we have.

With it’s built in automated systems, our platform is like having another employee that works behind the scenes to generate, nurture and close leads and so much more. This systemized workflow massively increases efficiency and allows you to refocus your time and energy to other things that further move the needle to increased profits.

Personal Leverage: The right relationships are vital to every aspect of your life. When you partner with us, a symbiotic relationship forms where we are able to apply a specific leverage that allows BOTH of our businesses to grow and prosper together. Our platform and the systemized offerings are both unique and exclusive to our clients. 

OUR Automated Sales and MArketing Platform Pricing

Sounds Great, Right! What is the cost of the platform?

We mentioned leverage. Here it is in action. We have a FREE option available to 3 businesses for 3 months. We call it our 3 for FREE program and is designed to introduce a business to our digital automation systems in order to help them obtain Financial, Expense, Personal and Time leverage with key tools and resources. The result allows them a jump start to their next level of business growth. This will be an ongoing program and we are very excited to be able to offer this to businesses.  

Our automated systems and marketing solutions are designed to solve your businesses specific problems and built around your business goals and needs. We offer many price options based on those specific needs that start as low as $97 per month

Schedule a call today and find out how to get started building leverage for your business and best of all, if you can get started on our platform and access our resources for FREE.

  • 3 for FREE Program

    We currently have 3 openings available for free version of the program. This is an unhindered fully automated and functional reputation management system that you can use to start building leverage with today. 
    Selections will be made on a first come, first serve basis.
    We will continue offering the program to new businesses as slots come available.

    Schedule a call today to get on our availability list and be the first to know when we have our next opening.


    Just a Few of the Platform Features:

    • All in One automated CRM sales and marketing platform
    • Unified Inbox for all your inbound marketing channels. Email, SMS, and Social channels. Includes a free phone app thats always connected
    • Social media integrations - FB, Instagram, GBP, LinkedIn, TikTok, Whatsapp, Shopify, Slack and more coming!
    • Missed Call Text Back - Auto respond to missed calls in less than 5 seconds. Speed to Lead is a vital part of sales conversions
    • Integrated Calendars (Google, Icloud, Outlook) Setup Booking, Groups, Sales, Classes, Events, and more
    • Stripe, Authorize.net , Quickbooks integrations
    • Data Reporting, Opportunity tracking, Call Tracking, Data Analytics
    • Integrated Website Builder and Wordpress hosting built in
    • Email, Forms, Survey, and Sales Funnel Builder built in
    • And so much more !

It's EASY to get started

Ready to find out more? Schedule a call today and let's discuss what your future business looks like and how we quickly can turn those dreams into a reality and take your business to the next level.

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  3. Go!
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    Once we have your course laid out, the only thing left to do is hit the road running. Let's Go!

A happy business owner who uses Grumpy Monkey Designs sales and marketing automation platform to scale their business.

GROWing your business doesn't have to be stressful. Let's make it EASY!

Like many other businesses having a hard time scaling due to limited resources or the proper leverage, Grumpy Monkey Designs decided to address the issue by combining the gift of modern technology and digital marketing strategies to gain the tools needed to rapidly scale our own business. 

We are excited to be able to offer an affordable cutting edge solution with our advanced, fully automated CRM platform to the small and medium sized business community, many of which face the same challenges we did. The magic of our platform is that it grows with you. A business can start small, chalk up some quick wins and increase their leverage by adding elements as they scale. 

Partner with us. Schedule a call today and let us to help you realize your business dreams and goals. Let’s live THAT life together!

Ready to put some MONKEY in YOUR Business?

Schedule a 1 on 1 call today and I will personally guide you through the Impact Digital Marketing System demo. You will see for yourself how powerful it is and how it can apply the needed leverage to your business in order to quickly and efficiently scale to the next level.